12 Romantic Movies That End Happily Ever After

With the name of this site being Romance Me, you can tell that romance is pretty serious to me.  It was the motivation that started this website years ago.  So it's no wonder that I would be a fan of romantic movies.  But, I particularly love those romantic movies that end so sweetly that it brings tears to my eyes and makes me feel all sappy inside.

That's what we are here to talk about.  Those love movies that are even better when you have your sweetheart next to you.  

Now, If you and your spouse are okay with knowing that the ending of the movies listed below might put a smile on your face then get ready to use those face muscles! These movie ideas are also great for planning a Movie Date Night with your spouse.  So, start planning today!  As always my fellow couples, Keep it Hot!  Affiliate Disclaimer 

 -1-  Not Easily Broken

PG-13 /  Released: 2009 / ROMANTIC DRAMA

This movie takes a look at a couple that has been together for several years and what happens when love is severely tested.  After a car accident the married couple Dave and Clarice Campbell, played by Morris Chestnut and Taraji P. Henson, endure the threat of physical temptations, financial setbacks and emotional conflicts between them and other family members.  This movie shows that marriage vows don't have to be easily broken.  

 -2-  Barefoot

PG-13 / Released: 2014 / ROMANTIC DRAMA

This movie centers on a young woman who has been raised in isolation her entire life and a man who is considered to be the "black sheep" of his family.  Unable to avoid attending his brother's wedding, Jay Wheeler decides to take home a date so that he can prove to everyone in his family that he is making something of himself.  After a random encounter with Daisy Kensington, played by Evan Rachel Wood, Jay decides that sweet and naive Daisy is the perfect date for his brother's wedding.  Let the adventure begin.   

-3-  Ever After

PG-13 / Released: 1998 / ROMANTIC DRAMA

I'm a big fan of Drew Barrymore and this is by far my most favorite movie that she starred in.  This movie puts a different spin to the old time tell Cinderella.  You will see similarities of the original story with a evil stepmother played by Angelica Huston and two stepsisters played by Megan Dodds and Melanie Lynskey.  You will see differences with an an appearance of the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci as one example.  No matter the differences, this is a- beautiful version of a timeless love story.  

-4-  Good Deeds 

PG-13 / Released: 2012 / ROMANTIC DRAMA

Successful businessman Wesley Deeds life is shaken out of its monotony with an unplanned encounter with one of his building cleaning crew members.  This encounter with crew member Lindsey (played by Thandie Newton) shows both of them a different side of life.  It also shows them a possibility in love that they both never saw coming.  

-5-  Blended

PG-13 / Released: 2014 / ROMANTIC COMEDY

After a blind date that no one would wish for, Jim and Lauren find themselves vacationing together in Africa along with their kids.  This movie looks at the life of a widower with three girls and a divorcee with two boys.  This movie does deal with sensitive issues but, it's an Adam Sandler movie, so you know that there are a lot of funny and hilarious moments.  One of things that I love about Adam Sandler movies is that he always has someone in his family making small or cameo appearances.  In this movie he did not disappoint.  His wife, two daughters, mother and his nephew all make appearances in this movie! 

-6-  Beyond the lights

R / Released: 2014 / ROMANTIC DRAMA

This movie starts out with a look at the current life of Nonni Jean, a British female R&B singer, who has just won a big music award. Everything seems to be going Nonni's way, she's at the top of her game.   That is until she's found trying to take a her life by Kaz Nicol, a police officer and the man who gives her a reason to live another day.  Nonni is played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw  and Kaz is played by Nate Parker.   

-7-  The Legend of tarzan 

PG-13 / Released: 2016 / ROMANTIC ADVENTURE

This is an old story of love and courage between a man that was raised by apes (played by Alexander Skarsgård) and the woman that he meets (played by Margot Robbie) that changes his world.  This movie picks up after Tarzan has already left Africa to live in his deceased parent's home in England along with his wife Jane Porter. With a request that Tarzan could not deny, he and wife journey back to Africa along with American Dr. George Washington Williams (played by Samuel L. Jackson) to ensure the rumors of slavery are not true. Circumstances take a bad turn shortly after they arrive in Africa and Tarzan must do everything he can to save the woman he loves.

-8-  Diary of a mad black woman

 PG-13 / Released: 2005 / ROMANTIC DRAMA -COMEDY

This movie starts out with what seems like an ideal marriage between Helen, played by Kimberly Elise and Charles, played by Steve Harris.  We quickly find out that there marriage is not what it seems.  When Charles admits that he wants to be with another woman, he kicks Helen out of the house and she is forced to go asking her family for help.  Enter Madea and a whole lot of laughs as Helen deals with putting her her life back together and finding a love that she never saw coming.  

-9-  man up 

R / Released: 2015 / ROMANTIC COMEDY

A 34 year old woman, Nancy who has had some not so good luck when it comes to love, unintentionally takes the place of a stranger's blind date. Crazy right?  However, what happens on this blind date with a guy named Jack changes everything for Nancy and makes for the best mistaken identity story ever. Who says the wrong date can't be the best date you ever had?  Nancy is played by Lake Bell and Jack is played by Simon Pegg.  


-10- The Choice

PG-13 / Released: 2016 / ROMANTIC DRAMA 

Believe it or not, a Nicholas Sparks movie has made the list.  I say this because many of his movies don't end sweet but rather sad. However, The Choice Movie is an exception.  This movie starts up in a beautiful coastal town where veterinarian Travis Shaw (played by Benjamin Walker) is very successful with the ladies and has no problem getting their attention, until Abby McCarthy (played by Teresa Palmer) moves in next door.  Abby challenges Travis in ways that he never for saw coming and he finds himself fighting for a love that is bigger than anything he has ever felt before.   

-11- Deja vu 


Now, this movie has a romantic twist included but there is also action and science fiction included.  This movie made it on the list because of the great connection that ATF Doug Carlin (played by Denzel Washington) has with Claire Kuchever (played by Paula Patton).  Doug Carlin is called in to investigate a horrible ferry explosion that killed 500 people.  As he investigates the explosion further, he finds that Claire Kuchever is right in the middle of it all.  This movie has great mystery with a love connection that stands the test of time.  

-12-  Made of honor

PG-13 / Released: 2008 / ROMANTIC COMEDY

What happens when you realize that your best friend is the one meant for you all along and that said friend is getting married to someone else?    Welcome to Tom Bailey's world.  Played by Patrick Dempsey, Tom does everything he can to try to prove to his best friend Hannah (played by Michelle Monaghan) that they belong together.  With time running out, Tom is on a quest for love with a little help from his friends and family.