10 Signs That Your Spouse Is Also Your Best Friend

I read this article the other day and it talked about how being happy in your marriage did not require you and your spouse to be best friends. I found this article interesting because my husband and I consider ourselves to best friends.  The article went on to say that trying to achieve best friend status with your spouse was too much pressure for both parties involved. I kinda get that, it does seem like pressure when your trying to make you spouse your best friend. But, what if time together, experiences together, sharing life together makes you and your spouse realize that you are the most favorite person to each other.  Isn't that how real friendships start? 

Now I know some of your are thinking, I love my spouse but I don't know if they are my BFF.  It's okay to feel that way.  Nothing wrong with that.  But, I will tell you that a recent study that was conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research in Canada found that the (participating) couples who claimed their spouse was their best friend had the highest level of happiness.  It was concluded at the end of the study that couples married to their best friends had more well-being benefits than couples that did not consider their spouse to be there best friend. 

So how do couples know that they are married their best friend? 

They Talk A Lot

Communication is open and trustful when deep friendship is present. Spouses share their thoughts, dreams and goals with each other and any other thing they want to discuss.  They value the views of their spouse and there is no one better to bounce things off of.  Their open communication leaves no room for misunderstandings, confusion and assumptions in their marriage.  They work to avoid communication that is tainted with criticism, nagging and disrespect(especially when in disagreement)because they know only hurt feelings will follow. 

They Really Like Each Other

Now we know how important love is in a marriage but liking your spouse is important too.  These spouses genuinely like and value each other.  They enjoy being around each other as much as possible and they don't mind doing nothing together. They are the biggest fans of each other. 

They Feel Completely Comfortable Around Each Other

These couples feel so connected that they feel 100% comfortable and secure around each other.  They can talk about anything with each other and know that they want be judged for how they feel about something.  They can be simply be themselves around each other. 

They Can Finish Each Others Sentences

These couples are very close, so it's no surprise that they find themselves (at times) finishing each others sentences.  No magic tricks required or needed just a closeness that allows these couples to really know each other. 

They Take An Interest In Each Other Likes

Its not enough to know their spouse's likes, they take an interest as well.  They enjoy understanding why their spouse likes something.  These couples do well when buying gifts for each other because they have a true understanding of what their spouse likes and what they don't. 

They Treasure Advice From Each Other

Advice from a best friend?  Absolutely!  These couples treasure the advice they give each other. They know that they will get honest and sincere responses and they know their spouse will always have their best interest at heart. 

They Bounce Back From Disagreements Quick

Disagreements will happen in marriage.  It's just the way it is.  These couples however don't marinate in feelings of discontent, when disagreements occur.  They don't like when things are not on solid ground with each other.  So even when an argument arises, they are quick to bounce back from it because being upset with each other doesn't make either one of them feel good.  Not At All! 

They Have Fun Together

These couples find themselves laughing together a lot over inside jokes that no one else seems to get.  They like being silly and being happy around each other.  Hanging out together is not seen as anything but time well spent.  These couples have no problem allowing their inner child to come out and play. 

They Trust Each Other Completely

These couples have a trust level that allows them to share the deepest parts of their hearts.  They feel safe and secure with their spouse.  These couples know that they can rely on each in all situations.  They both receive major comfort knowing that they trust each other implicitly.  

They Run To Each Other With The First Hint Of News

When these couples have news (whether good or bad) they can't wait to tell each other.  It's almost like a compulsion.  To these couples, good news doesn't fully seem like good news until it's shared with their spouse.