10 Romantic Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

Are you and your spouse in date night rut?  Looking for some fresh and different ideas to enjoy your time together?  Well, look no further because I have put together a list of date ideas that will get you and your spouse romantically excited and back in the game of dating each other.  So start planning for your next date night today and as always, keep it hot!  

Rooftop Restaurant Date

This idea is more likely to be offered in bigger cities but can also be found in smaller ones.  With the weather warming up, eating outside is ideal.  But not just outside, but at the top of the building outside. The views and the atmosphere are conducive for romance to flourish.  So the next date night you and your spouse have, consider experiencing it on top of a building.  


Sexy Board Game Date

So maybe you and your spouse are looking for some intimate and sexy activities that can be done at home. What about those rainy days or nights?  Wouldn't it be nice to have some sexy activities (clothing optional) to do when the weather isn't conducive to going out?  Well this date idea is what you and your spouse need.  

your lover.jpg

Tree House Date

If you and your spouse are nature lovers, then this is the idea for the both of you!  Instead of reserving a night on the town at a local hotel, consider reserving a tree house suite.  Tree house suites offer privacy, seclusion and a whole lot of nature.  Check your local listings for

Themed Hotel Date

Having a romantic night at a beautiful hotel sounds nice right?  Well what about taking it a step further and have a romantic night in a themed hotel room?  These rooms offer you and your spouse a little more adventure and fun to your hotel date night. See what I am talking about by checking your local listings for Themed Hotels in your area.  Have fun choosing your theme night!   

photo courtesy of  Anniversary Inn

photo courtesy of Anniversary Inn

Fantasy Date

This date idea requires that you both communicate to each other about your desires and fantasies.  The Fantasy Date cannot happen if you and your spouse don't know what the fantasy is.  So tap into each other's fantasies and make a night out of making those desires come true.


The Naked Dessert Date

This is a date idea that is super sweet!  This date idea starts with a light dinner at a restaurant or at home. Once dinner is finished and your back at home, take off your clothes.  That's right the both of you, I said take off your clothes. Then proceed to whip up some yummy goodness together and see how long you both can last before a different kind of heat starts in the kitchen.  

On The Water Date

Another great way to put a different spin on dinner (or lunch) is sharing a romantic meal on water.  There are few choices that are offered when considering this idea.  The different choices are:

  1. Row boating through the park
  2. Romantic dinner on Gondola style row boat
  3. Romantic evening on Dinner Cruises
  4. Paddle boating through the park

Audio Book Date

This date idea is great for couples who love a good story.  Listening to a romantic audio book together, puts love and romance on both of your minds, at the same time.  Consider even reenacting some of the love scenes that is read to you.  If you don't have access to audio books consider reading a romance novel to your spouse and take your time reading on the sensual and romantic parts.  

Backyard Date Night

This idea is great for Spring, Summer and Fall.  This is also great for nature lovers.  If you have backyard area that provides privacy, then this date idea would be great for you.  You have several options for a date night in the backyard.  You and your spouse can:

  1.  Have a candlelight dinner outside
  2. Watch a movie on a tablet/laptop or take it a step further and rent an inflatable screen for outside.
  3. Stargaze in the nude 
  4. Backyard camping

Jazz Date

If you and your spouse love jazz music, then this is the date for you both.  Going to a Jazz club allows for the opportunity to dress up and enjoy beautiful melodies of music.  If this sounds like a fun night on the town then find a local jazz club in your area and get your music on.