10 Practices of Happily Married Couples

So what's the difference between being married and being happily married?  Well, I believe the difference between the two is based on the jointly efforts you and your spouse bring to your marriage. I say this not only because of my own marriage, but for the many other marriages (family members and friends) I have been a witness to.

Now remember that I am no expert, but over time I have seen what works and what does not in the joining of marriage.  So today I want to share with you what I found that many happily married couples have in common with each other. 

Remember, this is a two part series so make sure to also check out What Happily Married Couples Avoid.

And as always, Keep It Hot!


They Talk About Everything

Talking often(in a loving environment) with each other is a true benefit within your marriage.  It creates a strong friendship in your marriage that helps you to know your spouse better and understand them on a more intimate level. When couples are talking there is less confusion, assumptions, and resentment in their marriages.


They Date Each Other Regularly

Being married does not mean that the romance is over and happily married couples understand that.  They refuse to let the flame that their relationship started out with die. They actively date each other and make it a priority in their marriage.  


They Are Good At Compromise

No one agrees with each other every time.  At least I have never witnessed it.  But, I do believe that that when differences come into play compromise is necessary to move on.  Good compromise requires the both of you to talk about your needs and wants and listen to what the other is saying.  Happily married couples understand that sacrifices are sometimes necessary and a sense of fairness should always be present.


They Are Affectionate With Each Other

They hug each other often, they hold hands often, they kiss each other often to say without words,  "I love you, I need you and I desire you".  This type of affection strengthens the awareness and intimacy in marriage and it creates a warm and trustful environment of love. 


They Love God

I've quoted in the past, "Couples who love God first, love each better."  These couples understand the importance of having faith, showing forgiveness and the sanctity of their marriage to name a few.  They know that every day they have together is a gift. They understand that neither one of them is perfect.  

They Encourage and Boost Each Other 

To say that words have power is a statement that most would agree with.  Because of this power, loving couples focus on using words that help encourage and motivate their spouses. Happily married couples understand that one of the greatest privileges in their marriage is supporting their spouse in becoming the man/woman that God created them to be. 


They Appreciate Each Other

Expressing gratitude (in a loving manner) is another way that happy couples build intimacy and trust in their marriage.   They understand how important their spouse is and makes sure to convey their gratitude as often as possible.  They do this because they always want their spouses to know that what they bring to the table is respected and appreciated.

They Laugh Together

Not only is being silly and laughing together a great way to bond with your spouse but it's just plain fun!  I truly enjoy having a good laugh or just being silly with my husband.  It's soothing to my soul.


They Give Each Other Space

They understand that each others self care is a necessity and that it should not be ignored.  They understand that "me" time is a way for their spouse to recharge and to focus solely on themselves.  They don't see this as a threat to their relationship but as a benefit to their marriage. 

They Say, "I Love You" Often

Many happily married couples end every phone call with their spouse with, "I love you".  Many leave for work every day saying to their spouse, "I love you".  Many go to bed every night saying to their spouse, "I love you".   I will admit that whenever my husband says these three words to me it still makes me feel the same way.  Cherished.