10 Fun Fall Date Ideas

It's that time of year where the leaves are changing and the warm air is starting to cool.  I will admit this is my favorite time of the year and my favorite time to experience outdoor activities.  So, I've put together some activities that my husband and I enjoy that are fun and relaxing for this wonderful time of year.  And as always, Keep it Hot!


Fall Date Ideas for Married Couples

1. Bicycling on a Nature Trail

What a great way to enjoy the beautiful weather and shed a few calories.  Pick a trail that will give you several miles to span.

2. Enjoy Breakfast/Dinner on patio or in backyard

Breakfast in bed is nice but breakfast/dinner outside can be a lovely experience.  If you have an outdoor fire pit or fireplace then this is an even  greater way to enjoy a nice meal on your patio/backyard. 

3. Enjoy Downtown Scenery with a Nice Walk

I live in San Antonio and our downtown has a beautiful River Walk that is always a romantic spot to be.  So if your city offers nice spots to walk at night or day downtown then try it out.

4. Go Stargazing

Find a nice spot where you can lay out a blanket to watch the beautiful stars in the sky.  Don't forget to bring along some snacks!

5. Enjoy the Sunrise/Sunset Together

I have found that there is nothing more serene then watching the sun come up and watching it go down, especially with my husband.  Bring a couple of blankets and some hot chocolate or coffee to make the sightseeing complete.

6. Eat at favorite restaurant in the patio designated area

What a great way to enjoy great food and also enjoy great weather!  Spice it up by using this time to flirt and engage your spouse in spicy and sexy conversation. 

7. Surprise your spouse for lunch with a picnic basket full of all his/her favorites

This idea is sure to make your spouse feel special and loved.  Surprising your spouse with a picnic lunch is what I consider to be very romantic and sweet.  Make sure you bring food that can be enjoyed cold and don't forget the blanket!

8. Go to a Bed and Breakfast in the country

This a great weekend getaway idea that is tantalizing to the senses.  You get to enjoy beautiful scenery outside and create beautiful memories inside.

9. Enjoy Outdoor Shopping

Have fun together holding hands and doing some shopping outdoors at a flea market or outdoor market.

10. Have a Grill Date Night

Have a great and intimate barbecue by grilling your favorite meat and vegetables.  One thing that I love to grill on nights like this is shish kebabs with chicken breast, bell peppers, onions and tomatoes.  Enjoy!