Welcome to Romance Me! 

The Author


Romance Me was founded in 2010 by Brela Delahoussaye.  A Romance Enthusiast, Brela has been married to her amazing husband Royal Delahoussaye since 1998 and is a mother to seven beautiful and inspiring children.  Brela believes that every marriage should be a romantic one, a relationship with ardent emotional attachment unlike any other relationship you have ever had.  She also believes romance is a beautiful entity of love that installs deeper meaning and depth in your relationship with your spouse.   Being married for over 19 years and still LOVING every minute of it, Brela and her husband Royal found themselves being asked frequently by friends and family the same particular question.  How do the two of you stay so happy with each other?  Brela decided to take a step further and find a answer that would incorporate the aspect of her marriage and encourage others to give more in their relationships.   The answer was the creation of ROMANCE ME, a website that encourages married couples to keep it hot after tying the knot by offering advice in marriage, sex, romance, date ideas, travel and gift ideas.  


The Mission 

Romance Me believes that without romance, love in marriage is open to fading or even being forgotten.  The mission of RM is to provide advice and ideas to married couples that encourages them to keep it hot after tying the knot and make it last forever.