My name is Brela and I am a wife to an amazing man, mother to seven beautiful and inspiring children and thanking God every day for all of his blessings! I believe that every marriage should be a romantic one, a relationship with ardent emotional attachment unlike any other relationship you have ever had.  Romance is a beautiful entity of love that installs deeper meaning and depth in your relationship with your spouse.  This type of relationship requires keeping God alive and active in your daily lives.  

Being married for over 18 years and still LOVING every minute of it, my husband and I found ourselves being asked frequently by friends and family the same question. How do you stay so happy with each other? I decided to find an answer that would incorporate the aspect of our marriage and encourage others to give more in their relationships. That answer was the creation of Romance Me, a blog that takes a positive look at romance and love in marriages.  Here you will find articles from the everyday life experiences of my marriage and parenthood.  No textbook responses here!  I believe that without romance, the love in marriages is open to fading or being forgotten.  So don't wait another minute to romance you spouse!  And always remember to KEEP IT HOT! 

I hope that this site will encourage you to love more and give more, not only in your marriage but in your every day path of life. 

Thank you for stopping by!

Brela L. Delahoussaye