Setting The Mood For Romance

f you have ever spent time in a garden you know that planting a seed is only one step to achieving success in growing flowers or vegetables. It's what done after that is so important to the success or failure of a garden.  Well the same could be said about marriage.  Once the wedding vows are stated, a marriage seed is planted.

Keeping Negativity Out Of Your Marriage

Keeping your marriage free of negativity is not an easy venture, but it's so worth the effort!  It soars your marriage to an everlasting stage that keeps getting better with time. Your marriage is one of the most profound relationships that you will ever have and deserves to be treated that way, every day.   After all, negativity begets negativity and who needs that in their marriage?  Absolutely no one! Listed below or some tips that can help you and your spouse keep negativity out of your marriage. 

Beware of These 5 Myths About Marriage

Before I said I Do to my husband, I heard many different things about married life. Some things good, some things not so good and some things were just plain outrageous. For example, there was one myth that I was told years ago before I had even considered getting married.  I was told by an older member of the family to make sure that when I got married, make sure it was in June. 

The 20 Most Romantic Cities By Amazon

I believe that romance is always in the air.  The month of February is nothing special to me because I believe that Valentine's Day should be celebrated every. single. day.  In fact, I strongly believe that romance should be a breathing entity within marriage that receives daily nourishment from husband and wife.  It's a good thing my husband feels the same way.  Right?

Why Is Romance So Important In Marriage?

When you think about romance in your marriage, what comes to mind? Does it bring to mind sweet and positive feelings towards your spouse?  Or was your first thought,"What romance? Unfortunately some couples find it hard to dedicate time for romance.  With busy schedules, children and careers, romance manages to get knocked out of the way on a regular basis.