I Married My Soul Mate

My husband and I didn't meet until 1997, but we shared so much before then. In January 1995 I moved to Arlington, Texas and moved into a complex called Glenbrook Town-Homes.  In June 1995, my husband moved to Arlington, Texas and moved into a complex called Glenbrook Town-Homes.   We lived only two buildings down from each other for over a year.

5 All Day Date Ideas

My husband and I are very firm believers in the benefits of dating each other.  One of the reasons why? Some of our funniest, sweetest and sexiest moments have been on our date nights. So,  I am kicking off the new Fall Season by encouraging dating your spouse with these 5 All Day Date Ideas! 

5 Naked Date Ideas

Just in case you were looking for more reasons to get naked with your spouse, I have a put together a list of 5 Date Ideas that requires not one stitch of clothing!   So the next time you and your spouse are planning your date night and your looking for something different than the norm. then look no further. 

What I've Learned In 15 Years of Marriage

My husband and I met on January 26, 1997 and exchanged wedding vows on November 2, 1998.  We got married young and we get asked often, "How have you guys kept the marriage going?"  I tell them there is no one answer to be given but several.  But when I am asked that question, I am always brought back to the lessons that my marriage has taught me. Lessons that have changed me for the better and made me want to be the best person, wife and mother I could be. 

Checking In With Your Spouse

A few days ago I was sitting on the couch with my feet propped up on my husband's lap reading my kindle while he was was watching television.  Subconsciously he started massaging my feet and I began to have this unbelievable feeling.  Not the feeling from my massage even though that felt awesome, no it was the love that I could feel pouring off of him towards me. 

Remembering The Beginning

My husband and I have been together for many years and one way that we have used that time is find out what works for us and what doesn't.  For example, one thing that we have found works for us is remembering the beginning of our love.  Remembering the time before we both really knew how deep our love really was and how far it would take us.